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Our service recognises the importance of middle childhood as being a stage of continual growth and development.As such, the staff will strive to provide an environment that will challenge, stimulate and support each child on an individual level.


  • We aim to provide a physically safe and emotionally secure setting where children can explore, socialise and expand their interests through play, using a variety of experiences and resources.

  • We encourage a supportive, confidence inducing atmosphere promoting physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social growth.

  • We are inclusive. We value children with diverse family backgrounds, abilities, additional needs and religious affiliations.

  • We believe that all children are equal and have the right to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

  • We support the family unit by acknowledging the importance of the link between the family and the childcare option that they choose. We encourage a spirit of warmth and respect between the children, parents and the carers.

  • We offer an environment with programs to support each child’s capabilities and interests  according to their individual needs.

  • We provide qualified/qualifying caregivers who show genuine care and concern for  the children in their care, providing a service that is safe and well supervised. Our service operates under strict workplace health and safety legislation.


We acknowledge and respect the confidentiality of all individuals associated with our service.



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