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                                              Fee Policy


This service aims to provide a quality service to families at an affordable price. Fees are set, based on the service’s annual budget.

In order for the service to provide a high quality environment and an appropriate program for children –

  • We must remain financially viable while ensuring childcare fee levels are at an affordable level for families.

  • It is imperative all families pay their childcare fees, to ensure that a consistent quality of care is maintained.


Fees are charged for all attendances and absences from care unless sufficient notice is given (Friday the week before for absences). Rates are listed in the service information sheet, on this web site and reviewed annually. 


Families will be issued statements by email, fortnightly, for attendnaces to the previous Friday.

Receipts are recorded in the fortnightly statement.


Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The service will keep families informed about the availability of Child Care Subsidy by advising all parents in the parent handbook and when initially meeting the family about the ability to apply for CCS through the Family Assistance Office (Centrelink) or myGov.

Full fees will be charged until the service receives a CCS assessment via CCSS (Child Care Subsidy System). Credit for fees already paid will be made in accordance with the DET CCSS handbook.

All CCS records will be kept in accordance with the DET CCSS Provider's handbook.


Overdue Fees

If there are outstanding fees, management will email or call the parent to ascertain when the account will be paid.

If no payment has been received when agreed, written notification will be sent informing the parent that bookings for attendance are dependant on fees being paid.


If fees are still not paid after a reasonable time determined by management to be fair under the circumstances, care placement will be reviewed and possibly suspended.






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