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The service aims to ensure the proper safety and security of the children, families and educators by ensuring measures are in place regarding entry and access to the building.



  • National Quality Standard 3.1.1 “Outdoor and indoor spaces, buildings, furniture, equipment, facilities and resources are suitable for their purpose.”

  •  National Quality Standard 3.1.2 “Premises, furniture and equipment are safe, clean and well maintained.”

  • National Quality Standard 4.1 “Staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development and ensure their safety and wellbeing.”

  • National Regulation 77 “Health, hygiene and safe food practices.”

  • National Regulation 103 “Premises furniture and equipment to be safe, clean and in good repair.”

  • National Regulation 109 “Toilet and hygiene facilities.”

  • National Regulation 110 “Ventilation and natural light.”

  • National Regulation 114 “Outdoor space – shade.”

  • My Time, Our Place – Outcome 1 Children have a strong sense of identity. Children feel safe, secure and supported

  • Workplace Health and Safety Act.



  • Equipment and furniture areas are safe, clean and in good repair.

  • The equipment purchased by educators will be reflective of the needs, interests and capabilities of the children being cared for in the service.

  • Recruitment processes will adhere to service standards. All educators employed at this service will meet clear selection criteria deemed necessary to provide quality care and education to children.

  • Educators will ensure that all food preparation is in line with the service Food Handling and Nutrition Policy.

  • Educators will ensure that the education and care environment is set up in a manner that promotes appropriate supervision.

  • Educators will ensure that the indoor space of the service is well ventilated by use of fans, open doors and windows.

  • Educators will ensure that hand washing and drying facilities are available to all children.

  • Educators will ensure that the building is left in a secure manner before leaving, that all children have left and have been signed out, and heaters/fans and lights are out.

  • Educators will follow the collection of children from school policy.

  • The Sun Protection Policy will be implemented by all educators. Where possible play activities will take place in a shaded environment.

  • The service is a drug, alcohol and tocacco free zone.

  • Emergency evacuation procedures are in place and displayed at the service.

  • Chemicals, cleaning products and medications are not accessible by the children.

  • Indoor and outdoor checks are completed to ensure safety from hazardous materials and objects.

  • At all times a staff member with first aid qualifications is present in the service.

  • The procedure for reporting any hazards is that it is written in the diary and actioned by management.

  • Management has contacts for the next of kin for all staff members.

  • Educators have frequent WH&S updates.


  • We aim to provide a physically safe and emotionally secure setting where children can explore, socialise and expand their interests through play, using a variety of experiences and resources.

  • We encourage a supportive, confidence inducing atmosphere promoting physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social growth.

  • We are inclusive. We value children with diverse family backgrounds, abilities, additional needs and religious affiliations.

  • We believe that all children are equal and have the right to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

  • We support the family unit by acknowledging the importance of the link between the family and the childcare option that they choose. We encourage a spirit of warmth and respect between the children, parents and the carers.

  • We offer an environment with programs to support each child’s capabilities and interests  according to their individual needs.

  • We provide qualified/qualifying caregivers who show genuine care and concern for  the children in their care, providing a service that is safe and well supervised. Our service operates under strict workplace health and safety legislation.





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