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Centre Philosophy

At Kids Capers OOSH we work together to create an environment that is both supportive and challenging, providing interactions that foster social, emotional, physical and cognitive development for school-age children. It is important to enhance each child’s sense of self-worth and independence, nurture positive relationships and encourage cooperative and collaborative behaviour. We have high expectations about providing care in a way that protects children from harm, respects their dignity and privacy, promotes wellbeing and provides positive experiences for all children.

In our centre, all children are provided with the opportunity to participate in many planned and spontaneous experiences within both indoor and outdoor settings. We recognize that play provides “opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine” (My Time Our Place, 2011. P11). Therefore, play-based learning is profoundly embedded into our service practices. We always do our very best to encourage learning through leisure experiences in a fun and friendly atmosphere with the intention to reflect on the children’s diversity, strengths, needs and interests. We firmly believe that it is important for children to have a freedom of choice in experiences with appropriate programming and an abundance of opportunities for child-initiated play.


At Kids Capers OOSH we aim to:

  • Provide a child safe environment for the children and young people in our care as outlined in the Child Safe Standards(2023)

  • Create strong, respectful relationships with parents, children, educators, the school and the community

  • Recognize the importance of working in partnership with families and the community

  • Respect the role of parents and families and provide support

  • Achieve open communication between educators and families

  • Act in the rights and best interests of the children

  • Treat all children as individuals and listen to each child’s needs and wants

  • Create a welcoming and friendly environment

  • Allow children to explore their learning capabilities

  • Appreciate each child for who they are and for having their own notion and interests and allow them to express their feelings and emotions

  • Encourage decision-making and build their self-confidence

  • Encourage healthy eating and provide nutritious meals for all children regardless of dietary restrictions

  • Encourage the sharing of multi-cultural values and customs of our families

  • Set reasonable limits and boundaries in respect to children’s behaviour and what is expected

  • Display a zero-tolerance toward bullying

  • Incorporate inclusive and equitable practices

  • Value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

  • Demonstrate an appreciation and respect for the diversity of the families we support and value each family’s involvement within the centre

  • Critically reflect on our practices and strive for continuous improvement


We are proud of the quality of care that we provide to our families.

Updated 5th May, 2024



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